Training Summary

TestLink is one of the most commonly used test management tool. Even it is open source tool, but it supports almost all features which commercial tool provides. It supports maintaining both requirements specifications and test specifications.
It allows you to create multiple users with different roles. You can create multiple Test Projects, multiple builds in a project, multiple test suites and multiple test cases in a test suite. It does not have any restriction on the number of users, roles, projects, test suites, test cases etc.
Assignment of test cases can be done on fingertips. Along with that beauty of this tool is Keyword Management. You can create different keywords as per your requirement and assign it to test cases. It also supports creating custom fields. It allows you to execute the test cases with automated and manual execution.

The key feature of this tool is reporting. You can generate powerful and quick test reports with different formats like MS Word, MS Excel, HTML etc. You can link TestLink with Defect Management Tool like Jira, Bugzilla, Mantis, Trac, etc. with a simple configuration.

What should I know?

This tutorial is designed for testing professionals which do not know or little knowledge of test management tool. Before starting this tutorial you should know the basic knowledge of Test cases.

Course Syllabus

TutorialGetting Started With TestLink And Its Advantages
TutorialTestlink installation And Creation of A New Test Project
TutorialBuild Creation In TestLink
TutorialCreating Testsuite And Testcase In TestLink
TutorialAssigning test case to test plan
TutorialCreating Users and Assigning Roles in TestLink
TutorialWriting Requirements in TestLink
TutorialExecuting a test case in TestLink
TutorialGenerating Test Reports in TestLink
TutorialImporting and Exporting Test case Test Suite in TestLink

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