Perform Effective Cross Browser Testing Using This Strategy and LambdaTest

In the previous article, we got to know why Cross-browser testing is an integral part of any web application testing. With so many browsers available in the market, each with their own usage shares that varies based on user zones as well as devices, a tester easily gets into complication regarding how to formulate a proper testing strategy or which browsers to select in the compatibility matrix. In this article, we are going to discuss few strategies for easing your cross-browser testing efforts and a cross-browser testing tool that can…

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GUI Testing In Software Testing

GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. One can interact with a computer or any software or website on a computer through two types of interfaces. These interfaces are command line interface and graphical user interface. Command line interface is quite difficult as compared to the graphical user interface as the user is required to remember the commands and different types of syntaxes. Graphical user interface involves interacting with the elements such as text box, radio buttons, drop-down menu, checkboxes, etc. which are visible on the screen. During interaction with GUI,…

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