7 iOS Testing Tools You Need to Know

As mobile app development is growing day by day as the number of users are increasing dramatically, therefore there is a need to move away from manual testing to test automation by using iOS testing tools. There are many tools available in the market that could help in testing iOS-based apps. In this article, we are going to discuss on 7 keys testing tools which are frequently used to automate and test iOS applications.   XCTest – iOS testing tool XCTest is a testing framework which is used for unit…

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Overview of APPIUM – Mobile Automation Testing Tool

With the increasing number of mobile device users and their demands, at present; Mobile Device Apps are available almost for all kind of purpose. Thus, market is very competitive, every mobile company thinks that how do we ensure to the consumers that we are delivering the best quality app in the market? As, everybody knows, how fast mobile devices and their applications are increasing. These mobile applications work on multiple platforms. Additionally, some applications are open source and some are very costly. So, to test these mobile applications that work…

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