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After sharing information on Smoke testing in the previous articles, in today’s Software testing class I am explaining about the Sanity testing. In this post I will explain the What is a sanity testing, Sanity Testing definition and tips on Sanity testing.

What is a Sanity Testing?

After receiving a Software build with the minor issues fixes in code or functionality, Sanity testing is carry out to check whether the bugs reported in previous build are fixed & there is regression introduced due to these fixes i.e. not breaking any previously working functionality. The main aim of Sanity testing to check the planned functionality is working as expected. Instead of doing whole regression testing the Sanity testing is perform.

Sanity tests helps to avoid wasting time and cost involved in testing if the build is failed. Tester should reject the build upon build failure.

After completion of regression testing the Sanity testing is started to check the defect fixes & changes done in the software application is not breaking the core functionality of the software. Typically this is done nearing end of SDLC i.e. while releasing the software. You can say that sanity testing is a subset of acceptance testing. We can also say Tester Acceptance Testing for Sanity testing. Sanity testing is narrow & deep approach of testing, it needs to concentrate limited & main features of testing in detailed.

Here are the few consolidated points of Sanity testing:

  • Sanity testing follows narrow and deep approach with detailed testing of some limited features.
  • Sanity testing is typically non-scripted.
  • Sanity testing is a sub-set of regression testing.
  • Sanity testing is cursory testing to prove software application is working as mention in the specification documents & meets the user needs.
  • Sanity testing is used to verify the requirements of end users are meeting or not.
  • Sanity testing to check the after minor fixes the small section of code or functionality is working as expected & not breaking related functionality.

Hope you get clear idea of Sanity testing in the above article & cleared any confusions on Sanity testing.

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Many of the testing guys are having confusion about Sanity tests and Smoke tests. So, I will cover “What is a difference between Sanity tests & Smoke tests?” in my upcoming article, Stay tuned for more details.

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  1. Hi, I am fresher in software testing & this is a fantastic new website & good way to present the posts.
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  2. I like this blog very much, Its a nice sanity testing info to read and incur information.

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  6. i am very confused in sanity testing some say’s that this testing is done before in
    testing and some say’s it is done at the end …then who is right.because this guy’s are also tester in company…..

  7. There is a typo “SLDC” written instead of “SDLC” i.e. Software Development Life Cycle.

    1. Corrected the typo, Thanks Dattatray!!!

  8. very very useful site ,I put it in my favorite thx and keep up

  9. its nice.. this site helping to many people.. i would like to suggest on thing …. if u take one example for every concept like gmail or yahoo page.. can understand clearly i think..

  10. I like this blog very much, Its a NICE sanity testing info to read and incur information

  11. It would had been good if there was an example explaining this in detail.Anyways nice explanation.

  12. very very useful site ,I put it in my favorite thx and keep it up

  13. Very very useful site, i would like to suggest on thing …. if u take one example for every concept

  14. You are doing great work by sharing your knowledge.

  15. can you explane me what is basic need smoke testing??

  16. Hi i am fresher this blog is very nice to understand things related to testing great job keep up…i like this blog very much

  17. Please explain difference between Sanity and Regression testing ?

  18. Hi, i’m chiranjeevi you are mentioned sanity test is subset of acceptance test but it’s a subset of regression i right?

  19. IT’S Really helps me to understand

  20. Sanity testing is the sub-set of Acceptance testing or Regression testing or both, i’m just confuse can you please explain me about this.

  21. I really liked this explanation. Thank you

  22. Very informative… thanks for providing.

  23. Anyone can reply -can we say – retesting and regression together as sanity testing.

  24. hi in the smoke testing as you explained in smoke sanity testing diagram after sanity test passes then we do regression and functional testing. but in sanity testing you are telling after regression we go go for sanity. I am not understanding

  25. After reading more about Sanity testing over internet, I am now a bit confused. What is this regression testing?

  26. @Doris, Regression testing is type of testing carried out to ensure that changes made in the fixes or any enhancement changes are not impacting the previously working functionality. It is executed after enhancement or defect fixes in the software or its environment. It can be difficult to determine how much re-testing is needed, especially near the end of the development cycle.

  27. @Gaurav, @chiranjeevi, @Ram –
    Sanity testing is considered as a subset of regression testing.
    Sanity testing is performed only when testers do not have enough time for testing. Regression testing perform when enough time is available.
    Sanity testing is surface level testing and regression is not.
    Regression testing can be carried out using tool but sanity is not.
    Not complete test cases are executed in Sanity testing, but regression testing needed complete test case execution.
    Sanity testing cannot be carried out using script, but regression can be carried out by scripts.

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