MantisBT Training Summary

In this Mantis tutorial series, we are going to discuss and learn about MantisBT Issue Tracker. Mantis is an open source issue tracker software. The key feature of this tool is to get started quickly in just a few minutes. It allows you to manage multiple projects very effectively.

You can simply download your installable and install for your own. It also comes with hosting version of the software.

Mantis Key features:
1) Email Notifications: For every update of an issue, it sends email notifications to configure users. It makes sure that every team member and clients get issue updates.
2) Access Control: Assignment of different roles for different projects allows controlling user access.
3) Customizable: It allows you to create fields, workflows as per user needs.
4) Plugins: MantisBT plugin system supports more extensive officially maintained extensions and third-party extensions. These plugins allow you to add custom functionality to in MantisBT.
5) Platforms: It supports multiple platforms like iPhone, Andriod, Windows phone.

Course Syllabus

#1 Tutorial: Introduction to Mantis Bug Tracker

#2 Tutorial: Features of Mantis Bug Tracker and User Interface

#3 Tutorial: Installation of Mantis Bug Tracker on Windows

#4 Tutorial: Getting Started with Mantis Bug Tracker

#5 Tutorial: Project Management in Mantis Bug Tracker

#6 Tutorial: Bug Lifecycle in Mantis Bug Tracker

#7 Tutorial: Mantis Bug tracker account management

#8 Tutorial: Manage Configuration in Mantis Bug Tracker

#9 Tutorial: Mantis Bug Tracker Other Functionalities

#10 Tutorial: Demo on Mantis Bug Tracker

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