JIRA Training Summary

In this Jira tutorial series, we are going to discuss and learn about Atlassian JIRA tool, which is a very popular bug tracking tool used widely by leading IT software companies across the globe. JIRA provides defect tracking and different project management functions.

The core features of JIRA tool is to bugs and issues to your software project. This tool is also used for project management. It allows the user to create a dashboard to track the progress on a single page. It makes handling of issues and daily tasks easy. A user can configure different workflows, Sprints etc very easily.

What should I know?

This tutorial is designed for testing professionals which do not know or little knowledge of issue and project tracking in software testing life cycle. Before starting this tutorial you should basic knowledge of the defect tracking.

So let’s begin with JIRA an issue and project tracking tool in this Training Course.

Course Syllabus

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