Functional Testing

What is Functional Testing?

In Functional testing we need check the each components are functioning as expected or not, so it is also called as “Component Testing”.

Functional Testing definition:

Functional testing is to testing the functionality of the software application under test. Basically, it is to check the basic functionality mentioned in the functional specification document. Also check whether software application is meeting the user expectations. We can also say that checking the behavior of the software application against test specification.

This type of testing is mandatory and irrespective of what type of application this should be exercised.

What all need to be check in Functional Testing:
  • Is software is functioning as it should do?
  • Is software is not functioning as it should not do?
  • Is software is not doing as it not intended to do?’


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  1. After long time read definations, like a how you have presented this testing type. Keep it up

  2. I am fresher in software testing, really cleared the concept of functional testing. Simply superb!!!

  3. What is Volume testing and load testing?
    What are the differences between Volume and load testing

  4. volume testing we check the bottle neck of the application.for example if we send any file or any other data one place to other via email or any other way then our data should be reach at destination without any corruption of file.

    and in load testing we test the application behavior for given no of user who r accessing the website .For given no of users our application performance should not be degrade (No of user who are provided by client)suppose client requirement is 1000 users should be able to hit on his website then website should be open in provided response time without any degradation .

    Vani if you have any query You can ask me at 07503096040.

    Or mail me at [email protected]

  5. Excellent article.

  6. very very good

  7. Hello, HOw can we write negative test cases in “mocha”

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