What is Digital Transformation In Software Testing?

It is a well known fact that digital transformation enterprises have a huge influence on the QA and Testing. Digital transformation enterprises need to act in response to the demand for enhanced surety that interrelated systems are not only secure but also reliable for every user so that the reliability is uphold. Agile and DevOps delivery are nowadays used widely in the software testing and quality assurance. It is also supposed to back quicker software development lifecycles to prevent bottlenecks in the application. Bottlenecks can seriously affect the time to…

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Reached 10000 Facebook fans – Giveaway Software Testing eBook!!!

I am so excited about we have reached 10000 Facebook fans!!! We are thankful to everyone who contributed to reaching this milestone, it make it possible just because of you guys who are there to helping me. In this occasion I’m glad to announce that we are giving away THREE FREE copies of the most popular eBook "Software Testing Career Package" by Vijay Shinde (From the author of SoftwareTestingHelp.com) to our readers. The regular price of this testing eBook is $14.95 USD but we are giving away this eBook absolutely free for our readers for a limited…

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