Brief Introduction of TestNG – What is execution sequence of TestNG Annotations?

In this module we will start with TestNG. Why people use the combination of TestNG with Selenium in the market. Also why can’t we use TestNG as standalone, these are the most common question which people asks. So starting with the article look at the following pictorial diagram: This image is tells you that what actually JUnit or TestNG does. This is a simple architecture of a framework in selenium. Whether it is keyword driven, data driven, Hybrid or modular framework etc, I am not talking about any specific framework…

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How to Write Good Test Cases?

Writing test cases is one of the key activity performed by the tester in the Software Testing Life Cycle(STLC). But the writing effective test case is a skill & which can be done by doing in-depth study of application for which writing the test cases and most important is the experience. The approach for writing good test cases will be to identify, define and analyze the requirements.   What is test case? “A test case is a set of conditions or variables under which a tester will determine whether a…

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Introduction of TestNG framework – Advantages of TestNG over Junit framework

In Selenium WebDriver training tutorial we have seen how to run Selenium scripts using JUnit framework. Until now we have execute selenium tests but we have not generated reports in JUnit. In this Selenium training article series we are introducing powerful new testing framework called TestNG. The TestNG framework means Next Generation testing framework, so we are seeing what all next generation features available in TestNG, also I will talk about advantages of TestNG over Junit. I will be discussing about different ways of using TestNG features in my coming…

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