Test Cases For Fan

In the “How to Test” series we are covering most commonly asked questions around writing test cases. In previous article we discussed about the “Test cases for Pen”. Moving forward in this series I am covering the most common interview questions asked ask in interview is “What is Test cases for Fan?” We already discussed in previous article that if interviewer asks you to write the test cases then do not assume the requirements by your own. You should ask cross questions about the requirement, this will help you to…

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Test cases for Pen

Welcome back guys in our “How to Test” series where we will cover the most commonly asked questions around writing test cases. In this series I will try to post testing ideas around how to write the test cases on practical objects. In today’s article I am going to start with the “How to write test cases for Pen?” If anyone asked you to write the test cases for pen in interview then you should not assume the requirement and you should ask the questions around the requirements of Pen like…

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What is difference between Test Cases vs Test Scenarios?

Software testing field is very much interesting field to work on, however sometimes many testers were get confused in common software terminologies. Few days back one of colleague was taking interview of Software tester of 2 years experience. In the interview he asked one question “What is difference between Test Case and Test Scenarios” then that guy was confused on the answering the question and unable to answer question properly. So I thought to shed some light on basic software testing terminologies. In today’s article we will talk about definitions…

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