Basic Concepts of System Testing – A Beginners Guide

We all agree to the fact that any system that we use in our day to day life should be well functional without any flaw or defect whether it is an aeroplane, a car, a software etc. Let’s take an example of personal computer (PC). A PC has a monitor, motherboard, mouse, microprocessor, DVD player, RAM, hard disk, keyboard, etc. All of these parts are manufactured separately and individually tested before they could be assembled into a PC. Again different motherboard supports different microprocessor like 32 bit or 64 bit,…

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Unit Testing – Test Case Preparation Guidelines

A Unit testing is a Level of Testing where smallest part of individual unit / component (called unit) is tested to determine if they are fit for use. The unit test cases writing and execution is done by the developer (not the tester) to make sure that individual units are working as expected. The smallest part of individual components like functions, procedures, classes, interfaces etc. If we take a example of functions, when we pass input parameters to functions then check if the function should return a expected values. The main intention of…

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System Testing: What? Why? & How?

What is System Testing? System testing is the type of testing to check the behaviour of a complete and fully where to buy generic modafinil integrated software product based on the software requirements specification (SRS) document. The main focus of this testing is to evaluate Business / Functional / End-user requirements. This is black box type of testing where external working of the software is evaluated with the help of requirement documents & it is totally based on Users point of view. For this type of testing do not required knowledge…

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