Measuring Code Quality with Test Coverage Metrics

Code quality and test coverage metrics are two important metrics which comes in play during software testing. These two aspects of testing are interrelated but there is no direct formula to evaluate in terms of each other.  Let’s understand what is test coverage and how it is evaluated in the general terms. Test Coverage The testing team speaks of percentage of test coverage for a particular project but are they evaluating this percentage score of test coverage in the correct way? The test team designs the test cases based on…

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Software Testing Best Practices – Into The Basics Of Testing

A best practice is a way of doing things which leads to good and expected results when it is applied properly. Testing is a most important phases in software development life cycle. It is the only way to understand if the project is on way to be successful or it is going to be a failure. Different Levels of Software Testing: The software testing can be performed at different levels. Some of the different testing levels are: 1. Unit Tests: These tests are executed by the developer to validate the…

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Internet Banking Application- Sample Test Cases And Best Practices

What is internet banking? Internet banking makes use of electronic payment method that enables both the customers and financial institutions to pursue money transactions through the website. Nowadays, more people are interested in internet banking as it is faster and easier method of payment. One need to go to bank and stand in long queue to make financial transactions. Through internet banking, user can transfer and receive money, pay bills, initiate fixed deposits, perform demat transactions and the like.   Challenges In Testing Internet Banking Applications: Different internet connections and…

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