Basics of Software testing

Measuring Code Quality with Test Coverage Metrics

Code quality and test coverage metrics are two important metrics which comes in play during software testing. These two aspects of testing are interrelated but there is no direct formula to evaluate in terms of each other.  Let’s understand what is test coverage and how it is evaluated in the general terms. Test Coverage The testing team speaks of percentage of test coverage for a particular project but are they evaluating this percentage score of test coverage in the correct way? The test team designs the test cases based on…

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How To Optimize The Testing Process and Reduce Development Costs?

The process of making the testing process quicker while not compromising on its accuracy is called Optimization of Testing Process. Here, the build will be completed at a reasonable faster pace than traditional approach. The test optimization process can be done by making changes in how the test cases are run such as execute the tests which cover the changes in the build or run the tests an optimal order. As it is known that testing the software and fixing the bugs when the software is already being used in…

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Pairwise Testing in Software Testing

Introduction: We need test cases with 100% test coverage in order to test any software application. This will ensure that all possible combination of input and output parameters are well tested. Now a quick question, is that possible to achieve 100% test coverage without writing verbose test cases? Well, it’s possible if we practice “Pairwise Testing” or “All-Pairs testing” test design. Pairwise Testing can be defined as a “black box testing” test design technique that ensures almost hundred percent test coverage without writing verbose test cases and their execution. With…

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What is Interoperability Testing in Software Testing?

The term Interoperability testing in the software industry refers to the testing of the software component ability to interact, exchange data, interoperate and use data information to and from between software components or systems. This Type of Testing is conducted to make sure that the end to end communication between two or more communicating software components are working as expected without any data transfer flaw or communication difficulties between them. For example, this testing is done between tablets and smartphones to test if these devices are able to communicate successfully…

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Is Crowdsourcing Good For Quality Assurance?

Crowdsourcing is not a very popular term in the IT world but it is gaining popularity due to its economic advantages to the organizations. In this article, we are going to analyze whether Crowdsourcing is good for quality assurance or not. But before I dig into that, let's first understand what we mean by crowdsourcing. In simple terms, crowdsourcing in QA world would be "outsourcing testing of a software to a crowd". In other words, few smart individuals are selected for testing across the world and asked to perform testing…

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