JUnit and Hybrid (Keyword+Data Driven) Framework – Part 1

Overview: In this tutorial, we will learn how to build Hybrid (Keyword+Data Driven) Framework and we will publish this tutorial in multiple parts. Initially, we will build up the core of Hybrid Framework. The core of Hybrid framework will look like. We will build up the core and integrate with webdriver and selenium RC. The features of the core will remain same for both webdriver and selenium RC. For detailed tutorial series check here:     Steps involved to implement Core Hybrid Framework In Data-driven framework we actually keep data in excel…

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Start Design Your JUnit and Data Driven Framework in Selenium

In this tutorial, we learn about how to build Data-driven framework with the help of JUnit and selenium. Basically, the Data-driven framework is a framework in which all our data conclude from an excel file. Let's learn "JUnit and Data Driven Framework" with sample example. Step 1) Create a New Project in Eclipse Project Name: Junit_DataDriven Step 2) Right click on src folder and create New Package Package Name: tests   Step 3) Create a New class under package Class Name:TestBase   Step 4) Right click on src folder and create New…

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