9 Common Errors Made During API Testing

API stands for Application programming interface. It is a generic piece of software utility which accepts input parameters and provide desired output based on the specific business logic. When we talk about API development then such process requires a strict testing in terms of security, business logic processing, valid input data parameters, data type, etc. If testing for any API is not conducted thoroughly then such API will be flawed with number of issues and those issues can lead to malfunctioning of partner application and even security breaches throughout their…

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Simple Guide to Learn API Testing?

What is API? API stands for Application Programmable interfaces. API has an underlying collection of software application modules where each module serves the specific function. It accepts a set of input parameters and returns the desired result as output. APIs are generally platform independent so that they can be made available in the cross-platform environment. In order to understand this in simple language, consider a banking application that needs the secure data across multiple applications in cross platforms, instead of using multiple applications to make their separate calls to this…

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